At Reloc8 we understand that our customers want a variety of choices when it comes to selling your home. Our packages and fee structures are designed to offer you as little or as much support as you like. Whatever package you choose, you will always have one point of contact throughout.

We believe a personal service is a key to our success. We work with and for our vendors 7 days a week making sure we’re available when you need us. So many traditional high street agents still put themselves first and are not willing to carry out professional accompanied viewings when buyers want them. We put you first and focus on one thing, selling your property quickly and for the best possible price. On average we work, 39 extra hours a week more than most traditional agents.

Accurate valuation

The key to selling your property is getting the price right in the first place. Our highly experienced valuers and managers are local experts and will advise you of a current, realistic and most achievable marking price. Remember we want to exceed your expectations so that means we must sell your home. We don’t over value just to secure the instruction, what’s the point as we will only have to have an awkward conversation with you at a later stage. In most cases, we don’t earn a single penny until you do!


We’ve worked hard trying to create an eye-catching and user-friendly website. With most people now searching for properties using a mobile device such a smartphone we had to make sure our website is compatible making sure buyers can see your properties whenever they like.

Professional photography

We use a very talented local photographer who pictures really will make a difference when selling your home. Regardless of you selling a one-bed studio flat or a twelve-bed country manor house all our pictures are taken using a professional photographer. It’s easy to find bad examples of poor photography, washing on a clothes rack or dirty dishes in the sink. At Crabtree’s we are perfectionists so our photographers will always make sure the photograph is the best it can be.

Experts in marketing

At Reloc8 we like to refer to ourselves as a marketing company who specialise in selling properties. We are experts in marketing properties to achieve fantastic results. The property market has changed and agents just can’t stand still and put a picture in the window hoping for the best.   is going to be one of your biggest sales of your lifetime so why wouldn’t you want to make sure it’s done properly. We have so many new and innovative marketing tools available to us. Surprisingly so many agents still don’t use professional photographs. We use professional photographs, floor plans and in some cases 3D virtual tours for all our properties. We use our expert team to produce fantastic results allowing our sales team to focus on selling your home.

Personal service

As we keep mentioning selling your home really should be simple. Our industry is plagued with poor service and inconsistent communication. Most traditional high street agents send their best man or women who you’ll never see again. We operate a completely different system, we assign one main point of contact to manage the whole sales process from start to finish, you’re given their mobile number and all direct contact details making sure they are always available you avoid having to speak to someone else who isn’t familiar with your sale.

Virtual reality & 3D virtual tours

3D virtual tours and Virtual Reality are fast becoming a key marketing feature when selling your home. We live in a busy fast paced digital age so buyers want the opportunity to see your property instantly. We’ve teamed up with 3Dverge a 3D, VR specialists allowing us to create incredible virtual tours or our properties. Why not try it on the right or scan the QR code to view in virtual reality.


We’re seeing the use of drone video and photography being used across many industries. At Reloc8 we use Drones for aerial video footage and photography to help sell our properties. If you have a property that has extensive grounds or just something unique we can create a fly through video that captures your properties external features.

Giving you choice

At Reloc8 we understand that our customers want a variety of choices when it comes to selling your home. Our packages and fee structures are designed to offer you as little or as much support as you like. If you want a simple listing with a fixed fee or a full personal & bespoke service then we have both packages to suite your needs. Remember we’re always a phone or text away should you need us.


At Reloc8 we operate Hubs rather than high street offices. To be honest, the days of the estate agent’s high street office are numbered and wit the internet being most people’s first port of call we can service our vendors much more efficiently out of carefully selected hubs.

Open longer when you need us.

We’re open from 8 am to 8 pm 7 days a week our team and staff are all used to working on the move making sure we are always available when you need us. Believe it or not, the busiest time of day is from 5 pm to 8 pm when people finish work. What’s the point of using an agent who isn’t open when people want to speak to them? Most of our viewings take place after 6 pm, that’s why we’re open. On average, we work a staggering extra 39 hour than most high-street agents.

Professional qualified

Make sure your agents are qualified. We are members of the most recognised professional bodies ensuring the highest standards. We are members of the property Ombudsman for sales and lettings giving you piece of mind.