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Over the next few weeks we will be trying to maximise our time at home with informative blogs.

We will aim to cover common questions and industry myths. Tips and tricks to help you get your home ready to sell and much more.

Home Improvments

“Be Sale Ready”

If you are willing to spend a bit of money then there are some home improvements you can do to sell your property fast as well as adding value.

The two main rooms that people focus on when viewing a property are the kitchen and bathroom:


A property’s kitchen is one of its biggest sellers. If your kitchen is outdated or shabby (but not chic) then you may want to think about fitting a new kitchen. But, if you don’t want to spend this kind of money then there are some smaller (less costly) things you can do to improve how it looks without breaking the bank.

Replace worktops: Putting a new worktop on a kitchen can instantly make it feel fresh again

Paint or replace cupboard doors: If the cupboards are dated, but the carcasses are still functional and sturdy then you could paint the doors or replace them to make it feel like a new kitchen. If the doors are not standard size then there are now plenty of companies that custom make cupboard doors at a reasonable price

Replace tiles: The tiles in a kitchen can often date a property. Replace them with something more modern or neutral to bring the kitchen more up-to-date and have a wider appeal


Not many buyers can see past an avocado or pink suite to see the potential of a bathroom. People can also be put off by a bathroom that only has a shower and no bath (and vise versa).

Replace a dated suite with a basic white suite. This will help make the room feel bigger and brighter and also give the bathroom a more modern feel

Remove or replace carpets: If you still have a carpet in the bathroom then get rid of it and replace with lino or tiles or replace it with new carpet. Many people will worry about old carpets being damp or smelly – especially around the toilet area!

Get a bath and a shower: Many people like either one or the other, so to please everyone get both if you can fit them in. If you can’t fit a separate shower cubicle and a bath then consider installing a shower over the bath


“Be Sale Ready”

Thank you for spending the time reading our first blog. We hope you leaernt and can take somthing away from this – do you think your ready sell?

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